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Do you wish you could recover quickly from a herpes infection?
Do you find yourself wondering there must be a better way to treat the herpes virus?
Has your doctor ever told you there is nothing they can do for you because you have a viral infection?
What if you could take a unique herbal formula known to suppress the herpes virus to help you heal fast? In fact what if I told you could keep herpes suppressed for good?

Dear Friend,
Do not rely on conventional drugs to help you with viral infections.

1. Conventional drugs cause viruses to adapt to the antiviral drug itself, and then another antiviral drug is needed.
2. Conventional antiviral drugs cause unwanted side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, all over aching, dizziness, joint pain, rash, lethargy, confusion, anorexia, dry mouth, and agitation. And that's just the common reactions!! More serious can occur of seizures, coma, low white blood cell count, renal dysfunction, anaphylaxis, hepatitis, and encephalopathy.  I don't think you want to risk any of these happening to you!
3. Conventional antiviral medication is very expensive.
4. Conventional antiviral cause your body to be depleted of vitamins and nutrients such as L-Carnitine, Vitamin B12, and Copper.

"I'm writing to thank you for your formula. This is the first vacation I've had without a fever blister."
- P.N., Carolina

"I am so happy with the results! Your formula decreased my symptoms by 50% in just a few days, and now I no longer have outbreaks!" - S.G., California
"Herbavir is the ONLY thing that works for my herpes outbreaks. I don't have them anymore." A.T., California

Viruses are best treated with herbs. The herbs in this formula suppress viral replication as well as boost your own immune system against viruses. And, Best of all, without any harmful side effects.

Introducing Dr. David's Zeprevir - The Unique "Viral" Solution

Dr. David's Herbavir is designed to help your body heal from viral infections whether inside your body or on your skin.
Dr. David's Herbavir contains herbs that are known to suppress viral replication verified in studies. This means no new viruses will be made and your immune system can take care of what's left.
Herbs in the formula boost immunity and therefore help your own body to fight viral infections.
With Dr. David's Herbavir, you'll be protecting your cells from cells against damage by the natural antioxidants contained in the herbs.

Dr. David's Herbal Advantage Zeprevir
® All the herbs you need for viruses are contained in the formula
® No pills to swallow
® No nutrient depletion
® No dangerous side effects
® Immediate results begin the first day you take it
Dr. David's Herbavir is specially formulated to treat only viral infections. You will not find anything like it online or in stores.

So, make sure you
get Dr. David's Zeprevir if you want to fight viruses safely and effectively

"I never want to be without Dr. David's Zeprevir because I'm prone to getting fever blisters, and I use it as a preventative around flu season. It helps me from becoming ill." -T.O., California

Dr. David's Herbal AntiViral Formula Zeprevir is the most effective way to help with viral infections with its unique formula. It works on all kinds of viruses - herpes, flu, and hepatitis.

You would have to buy all the herbs individually, which would cost twice as much as the cost of this formula.
It's a great idea to have Dr. David's Herbal AntiViral Formula Zeprevir on hand in case you come down with a viral infection.

Don't waste your money on making this formula yourself. 
100% money back guarantee - If you take this formula for 2 weeks as directed without relief, return the unused portion for a full refund. So, what have you got to lose?
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Warning: Don't procrastinate! Viruses replicate and multiply quickly. Have Dr. David's Formula on hand so that you can take at the first sign of infections. Don't wait until the infection is so severe that it poses you and your family and serious health risk. Take action now before it's too late!  Click here to order Dr. David's Zeprevir now!
Yours truly,

David Hogg, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

  "Dr David, I've never seen my herpes infection go away so fast, not even with my prescription antiviral medication. I'll never be without your formula. What's more, my outbreaks do not reoccur." - Bill

  "Dr. David, I had shingles and I was in so much pain. While taking your formula, the pain was incredibly reduced and the shingles didn't last at all as long as my doctor thought it would. Truly amazing."
- Jeannette

PS - If you are still undecided, just think about this. How much is it worth to you to have a peace of mind without the frustrations and worries of having a viral infection? If you truly want to have a viral-free body, Dr. David's Herbal AntiViral Formula Zeprevir is the most effective and affordable herbal solution to your problem.
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* 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Caution: This formula is not for people who have high blood pressure, pregnant, breast feeding, or for children. Refer to Dr. David's Immune Formula if you are one of these.

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